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Our Journey

The heart of Fortitude Coffee Cart beats with a passion cultivated from over 25 years of combined expertise shared by its proprietors, Brandy and Jessica. With a profound love for the craft, they've mastered the intricacies of coffee-making, understanding not just the flavors but the meaningful connections a simple cup can foster. For them, coffee isn't merely a beverage; it's a conduit that unites people, igniting conversations and shared moments. Their deep-rooted appreciation for the ritual of brewing transcends into every cup served, fostering an ambiance where every sip symbolizes more than just a drink—it embodies camaraderie, warmth, and the joy of coming together.

Locations We Serve

All of Western Washington

That's right. Our base camp is in Pierce County though we will travel anywhere on the West Side of the Cascades. Currently we require a travel fee outside of a 50 mile radius. 

Our Partners
Olympia Coffee
1883 Syrups
Califia Farms
Davinci Gourmet
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